The Rally Legends by Italtrading
EZRL 078 - FIAT 131 ABARTH RALLY 1978  
        The Rally Legends by Italtrading Fiat 131 Abarth  

Amazing scale model reproducing the Fiat 131 Abarth winner of the Portugal Rally in 1978 driven by Markku Alen and Kikki Kivimaeki.

The general features are the same of all other models of "The Rally Legends" serie, but including also of the working light system, deep front lights, brake stoplights, reverse lights and turning lights.

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  The detail includes also wipers, rear mirrors and the double-exhaust .
The body is fully painted and decaled.
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  There are two versions of the Fiat 131 available: the "Alitalia" of 1978 and the "WRC EX-WORKS" celebrating the wins of the World Rally Championships