The Rally Legends by Italtrading  
art. EZRL081 - Escort RS 1800 - 1981
  Ford Escort the Rally Legends

Scale RC model of the Escort RS 1800 rally of 1981.
Same size of other models of the series "The Rally Legends", 1:10th scale, with TL004 chassis, aluminium upper deck, waterproof electronics, "Ready to Run", including 2.4 GHZ radio system, NimH battery and peak quick charger. 40A speed controller compatible with 2-3S Lipos and cut-off.

6Kg. steering servo
Waterproof electronics

              Ford Escort the Rally Legends by italtrading  

Plastic details include wipers, rear side mirrors, chrome exhaust and the 4 additional rally lights in the front.
The body comes already painted and decaled. Only logos of the main sponsor have to be composed and applied.
The livery is that one used by Vatanen-Richards at the 1981 RAC Rally in England.


The model comes with on-road racing tires.

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The RL004 chassis is completely closed underside, to avoid dust and debris to enter easily into the transmission. And it can be definitely sealed by using the option chassis tub #EZRL2400.


      The Rally Legends EZRL2400 chassis tub
  art. EZRL2400 - Clear transparent chassis tub (optional)  
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Some scale details : the additional front rally lights and the "minilite" alloy wheels.